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Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

The Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers presents a pop-up gallery of master level furniture makers who are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, excellence in design, and the pursuit of artistic vision.

Mettowee Makers

Southern Vermont's Mettowee Valley is rich with artisans who craft beautiful pieces in a variety of mediums. They come together this summer to present a remote gallery in Manchester Village across from the Equinox Hotel. Visit them at this location and then take a scenic drive along Route 30 and stop along the way to visit with them more.

Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers

Jas Becker


Beginning at Lash Bros. Boatyard and continuing for five years at Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers, Jim Becker learned to make beautiful furniture well. Becker does a variety of designs including custom, reproduction (old masters), and originals. Since 1986, Jim has been in business to make clients the furniture their dreams ranging from simple to complex.

David Boynton


David was introduced to woodworking while studying fine art at Philadelphia College of Art and went on to receive formal training in building studio furniture.  From his shop in Plainfield Vermont, David produces fine furniture and cabinetry for clients across the country. As a custom designer/ builder, his work has covered a broad range of furniture styles, from period reproduction to highly conceptual contemporary pieces.

Jason Breen


Jason Breen grew up in rural Connecticut in the cabin his family built during his childhood.  He first studied instrument building, and in 1992 earned a BA from Marlboro College. In 1998 he opened his own shop, alternately farming and woodworking for several years at Fair Winds Farm in Brattleboro, VT. A member of the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers and Brattleboro West Arts, Mr. Breen has shown work around the state in group exhibits.  Much of his work is custom orders, but he also makes pieces of his own design with the hope of encouraging a love for place and community.


Chris Ericson


Chris has been working as a furniture maker in a modest shop occupying the first floor of his South Newfane home for 20+ years.  He designs and builds his furniture drawing inspiration from many sources, most notably Asian furniture and architecture.  He takes great care with wood selection and layout and finds beauty in the interplay between refined and natural lines which you will find featured in much of his work.  Often, he has designed pieces around a single "beautifully imperfect" piece of wood.  Working primarily with solid, local hardwoods and employing traditional joinery techniques, his furniture is made to last generations.

Ray Finan

ray-finan-oval sapele table.jpg

Ray Finan is a studio furniture maker, designing and building custom furniture in his Arlington, VT studio.  Ray’s work employs a blend of traditional hand joinery and modern methods utilizing the finest materials.  His work has been published many times in Fine Woodworking Magazine, and is exhibited at juried shows throughout the northeast.

Bob Gasparetti


Bob Gasparetti believes in simple, functional furniture meticulously crafted with quality materials. He takes great pride in the selection of the wood and the time-consuming placement and matching of grain and color. He works in a variety of hardwoods, from apple wood to zebra wood, so long as it is harvested by sustainable methods. Cherry, walnut, birch, maple, and figured maples are the woods he most often works with.


Tyler Gebhardt


Tyler Gebhardt is a fine furniture maker and boatbuilder. He received a formal education in woodworking and furniture making and has been building furniture for nearly 10 years. His goal in life is to create pieces of art that will be cherished for years to come, reflecting the beauty of his hard work and effort. His passion is organic style furniture filled with curves and small canoes and kayaks.

Erin Hanley


As a furniture maker, Erin's goal is to make furniture that is both beautiful and functional. She is particularly interested in carving, surface ornamentation, texture, pattern and design. At this pop-up gallery, she has on display several new small boxes that explore these techniques, along with a more traditional carved coffee table. She graduated from the Cabinet and Furniture Program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston in 2007 and sells her work primarily through galleries and private commissions. Erin lives and works in Burlington, Vermont.

Richard Haver

Haver-6-legged coffee table.jpeg

In 1980 Haver decided to try his hand at some wooden canoe building. After a successful attempt at an 18-foot cedar strip canoe, he began using the tools he had bought for the canoe-making venture for furniture making. Richard hasn’t stopped making furniture since. In the early 1990’s, he discovered the wide design capability veneer offers. Tables being the easiest canvas for the display of the beauty of veneers, he naturally found myself drawn to them.


Dale Helms

DaleHelms-Coffee Table.jpg

Dale has been making furniture professionally for 35 years. A signature of his work is his distinct use of the wood grain as a prominent feature in a table top, cabinet door, or headboard. Foremost in his approach is a careful selection of the grain in the wood. Dale's intention is to harmonize the grain with the design. The results are a perceptible blend of grace, beauty, function, and attention to detail.

David Lewis


David Lewis grew up in Lutherville, MD and earned a B.A. degree in American history from Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. He then enrolled in the Vermont Woodworking School and ignited a latent passion for creating gorgeous heirloom quality furniture that reference 17th and 18th century colonial traditions. Enamored with native woods and traditional hand-craftsmanship, David committed to making a career of celebrating and furthering the art and craft of handcrafted wooden furniture. David currently lives and works in Essex, Vermont, and uses only sustainably grown and responsibly harvested lumber in his projects.

Pete Michelinie


Pete works in South Pomfret, VT sharing a shop with his father-in-law, Josh Metcalf.  He primarily builds solid wood furniture in the spirit of early American masterpieces. Pete was educated at the North Bennet Street School and has been making a living building furniture for the past decade. His goal is to build furniture that will be cherished, admired, and passed down for years beyond his own existence.


Dan Mosheim


Dan Moshiem has been designing and building custom furniture since 1979. He and his team have an extensive website with hundreds of photos of completed pieces. He also has been writing a blog about the construction process of most of the individual pieces they have built since 2007. You can access that, as well as many online slide shows of recent and past work at the link below.

Matt Ogleby


After a career in advertising making ads that sell snack food, Matthew now makes custom furniture and wooden goods for folks like you. Using sustainably-sourced hardwoods, each piece is built with craftsmanship, care, and creativity so that they may adorn your home, and someday, the home of your grandchildren.

George Sawyer


Sawyer Made is a second-generation Windsor chair studio started by David Sawyer in 1982, and today continued by his son, George Sawyer. George continues to teach and build his father's chair designs, using the same traditional hand tools and techniques that have served chair-makers well for hundreds of years.


Eric Sprenger


For nearly 40 years, Eric has enjoyed a fulfilling career creating wood objects. While his work has evolved from accessory pieces to furniture and architectural installations, he still chooses to work directly with a variety of hand tools. This approach allows him to find a clean, unadorned form that accentuates the figure of the wood. He carefully selects materials, finding different figures and colors that add to the pieces. Although Eric works in a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods, both solid and veneer, he mostly uses cherry, walnut, mahogany and figured maple with a hand-rubbed, Tung oil varnish finish. 

Walt Stanley

WaltStanley-Dining Set.jpg

Walt considers himself lucky to work in the Vermont countryside not too far from where he grew up. People don’t believe him when he tells them that his woodshop is in the middle of a cornfield. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and a great place to be inspired. Walt a self-taught furniture maker. While he studied and developed his woodworking skills, he wore a lot of other hats. Thanks to downsizing, he got the opportunity to turn is hobby into a profession and ran with it.


Mettowee Makers

Lauryn Axelrod


Lauryn Axelrod is a ceramic artist specializing in woodfired ceramics for intimate gatherings. She creates custom teaware for several tea companies and tableware for award-winning Japanese restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. Her work is collected globally, and has been featured in numerous exhibitions. She is currently creating a Vermont-inspired line of farm-to-tableware for the home. Lauryn is a graduate of Bennington College and her studio and kiln are in Pawlet, Vermont.

Lucille Festa

LucilleFesta-Triple crown winner light Bkg.jpg

Lucille Festa is the owner and founder of American Country Rugs, a business dedicated to primitive Rug Hooking. Lucille is a nationally recognized rug hooking teacher and teaches locally at her studio in East Rupert and across the country. Early American Life selected Lucille’s work for its Directory of Traditional American Crafts.” Additionally, her work was shown in Country Home Magazine; as a featured Artist in the Cottage Journal Magazine; and, she is a  frequent writer for Rug Hooking and ATHA Magazines. Lucille also exhibits her work at the prestigious Folk Art shows. Her work has been purchased and sold by the NYC, American Folk Art Museum.

Christine Glade


Christine Glade is a multi-disciplinary artist and photographer focused on capturing light, color and gesture in both her abstract and portraiture work. Color is a Verb, the work presented here, is purely a celebration of rich color and organic farms. Each image in this body of work is a flower, or sometimes a larger part of a garden, that has been photographed in a way that captures its impact outside of its literal structure—what do we feel, instead of what to we see when we enjoy the natural world? By taking an experimental approach, entirely new uncharted landscapes and engaging perspectives are revealed that offer rich, vibrant interpretations of the floral world.


Charlotte MacFadden


Charlotte MacFadden is a highly-skilled jewelry designer and creator of "Beautiful Things". The inspiration for her designs comes from a keen observation of elements in our natural world and the contemporary world of fashion. Her jewelry is unique, fresh and artistically beautiful.  She currently attends an average of 16 shows per year in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Marion McChesney


Marion is a self-taught ceramic artist with over 40 years of experience. She finds great satisfaction in the physical process, exploring the medium with a sense of whimsy and dimensionality that is truly unique. Marion has exhibited both domestically and internationally, and has been featured in many noted magazines. New work emerges from a continuous involvement with clay. A series may evolve out of an idea or theme, or the study may be pure form or perhaps surface treatment. 

Hannah Meredith

Hannah Meredith Pots.jpeg

Hannah Meredith received her B.F.A from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 2011. After graduating, she moved to Wisconsin to apprentice at Mill Creek Pottery where she spent time developing a language in clay and woodfiring techniques. She has since worked at Taos Clay and with Nick Schwartz and Scott Parady in California. Her work has been seen in numerous exhibitions and is represented by Freehand Gallery in Los Angeles. She is a current summer resident at Stone Bowl Farm in Pawlet, VT.


David Morse


Dave Morse is a young man in his thirties with passions consisting of anything outdoors, ping pong and things of an artful nature. His journey into the arts started in his childhood with the drawing of Disney characters and painting of oil still lives. A lot more has happened in the past five years having started painting animal and human portraits in oils and watercolor. Also working for The Orvis Company has really blossomed his passion for capturing sporting art. Dave gets inspiration from his beautiful little girl Annabella whom shares her fathers love in the arts. Dave resides in Pawlet, VT the same town in which he grew up.

Gloria Palmer


Gloria Palmer is a watercolor artist from East Rupert, VT. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Gloria has lived in Vermont for 40 years. She is the executive director of Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning, serves as president of Burr and Burton’s Alumni Association Board and chairs its Alumni Arts Award Committee. Her greatest role though is mother to her daughters Kristen and Charlotte.


Tom Reed


Tom Reed is a wilderness photographer specializing in black and white landscapes. In recent years, Tom has worked in Patagonia, Alaska, and the Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada. With a background in martial arts and Japanese aesthetics, Tom has earned accolades for his unique and powerful images. He is the author of three books, and his work has been featured in numerous shows, publications and online.


Patti Weisser


Living in Tulum Mexico, Pawlet Vermont, and the Adirondacks gives Patti Weisser diversity to her style and invites her viewers to relax take a breath and perhaps book a vacation. Mostly self taught, she began painting watercolors at the beach five years ago, but moved to oils to achieve the luscious look of sky and water.  For Patti, Painting is like spending the day with an old friend. "Painting allows me to be myself with myself in complete satisfaction."


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